Chess Club Has Best Plays On Campus

Jeremy Andrew, contributor

If you are looking to take your mind off things and meet some friendly folk, enjoy an evening of sport with the good people down at the Augsburg University Chess Club. 

As another semester kicks off under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Auggies are feeling lost and bereft of community, Chess Club treasurer Emma Scherrer says that their club is a great space to take a break from everything else. “Chess club is a time to destress from school as well as be social in a low pressure environment. It’s an opportunity to just hang out or to hone your chess skills,” Scherrer told the Echo. 

Coming into an average chess club meeting, you’ll find the room already set up with boards ready for play and usually between six to 12 people. Scherrer admits, “it’s pretty casual.” If you stay the whole time, you’ll be able to play about three or four games. There’s no need to sign up as people come and go as they please, and students do not have to worry about being paired with a chess grandmaster. 

The group also offers a variety of play styles, including online chess. Last year, the club met online to play four person chess together, which Scherrer shared as a favorite memory. If you’re interested in a little bit more heated play, just ask about their tournament last semester.

“We drew in new people and it was awesome seeing chess club members’ competitive sides come out since we usually keep things pretty casual,” said Scherrer. 

If you are interested, stop on by and enjoy a low-stress environment to get your mind off of school. As Jaron Lesarge, a member of the Chess Club, said, “if you are looking for an easy way to learn chess, or find some friends who play it. it’s a great spot to start.”

The Augsburg Chess Club meets every Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in Oren Gateway Center (OGC) Room 100.