Our Editors

Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the editos with any questions or article ideas.

Jessica Mendoza | Editor in Chief|mendoza8@augsburg.edu
She is a junior double majoring in English and Sociology. She hopes to help students feel represented and heard in the school paper. She enjoys horror films, reading and is always looking for new recommendations for coffee shops. 

Kelton Holsen | Managing Editor|  holsenk@augsburg.edu
They are a senior studying creative writing and computer science, and they hope to go into the field of journalism. When they are not making the news (get it?) they are often running tabletop events with Gamers United or dropping acapella baselines with Convocadence. They like cats a lot so if you ever feel the urge to send them a picture of your cat they will gladly accept it. 

Olivia House |Layout and Web Editor| houseo@augsburg.edu
A senior here at Augsburg, Olivia is studying graphic design and economics, and hopes to use her expertise to amplify marginalized voices in the world and tell important, valuable stories through graphic design. She plays on the women’s soccer team, is a designer for the Murphy Square, and loves to get her hands on design projects around campus. Olivia hopes to increase readership by simply making the Echo look good each and every week.

Sahra Mohamed |Copy Editor| mohame48@augsburg.edu 
Sahra is a senior majoring in Communication Arts/Literature and Secondary Education. She is extremely passionate about education reform which lead her to want to become an English teacher. She also enjoys spending time scrolling on twitter, reading YA novels and arguing the importance of the Oxford comma. Sahra joined the Echo to make sure the diverse narratives on our campus are ‘echoed’ in the paper, and with such a diverse first year class she can not wait to recruit new writers.

Christa Kelly |News Editor| kellycc@augsburg.edu 
She is a sophomore majoring in technical theater. In addition to working on tech for theater productions, she also is an RA in Urness and active in QPA, D&D campaigns, and other nerd activities. She is always looking for more writers for the news section so feel free to drop by at any time.

Citlaly Escobar |Opinions Editor| escobarc@augsburg.edu 
She is a junior studying Public Policy & Sociology, with a minor in Culture & Social Justice Studies. Overall, she is passionate about community justice and liberation. She believes that stories have the power to create the foundation for these spaces and that’s why she is very excited to be part of The Echo this year! She envisions the Opinions Section to be a space for marginalized voices to uplift their truths and be a space for radical imagination to bloom. 

Terrence Shambley Jr. |A & E Editor| shamblet@augsburg.edu 
They are a junior and are double majoring in Philosophy and Creative Writing. They are a local emcee and spoken word artist who likes to let their work and writing speak for itself. They believe in the power of language and art as liberating works. They believe in freedom and community and allat, but what’s most pressing is that YOU drink more water and get eight hours of sleep, dude. Send them a friend request on Facebook and see if they add you! 

Kristy Moua|Features Editor| mouakk9@augsburg.edu 
She is a second year who plans on becoming an English teacher. She loves hanging out with close ones, enjoys watching shows on Netflix, is passionate about the performing/visual arts, and most importantly, loves drinking bubble tea. She really likes bubble tea. 

Jackson Gerber|Sports Editor| gerberj@augsburg.edu 
A senior at Augsburg, he is a History Major and is also in the Social Studies Secondary Education License program, which is a long description for wanting to become a middle or high school social studies teacher. He is very passionate about sports, and is always down to have conversations about them as well as watch any of them that the Augsburg cable provides. Outside of sports, he enjoys spending time with friends and family which also includes two labradors named Jazz and Juni, and staying active through running or working out. But don’t be fooled, he also really likes to sit in front of a TV and relax. If you see him wandering around campus, don’t be afraid to tell him your current sports hot take, he might even have some of his own.

Zakariya Abdullahi| Photo and Social Media Editor| abdullaz@augsburg.edu 
He is a junior studying Political Science & International Relations. He is passionate about conflict resolution and human development in Africa and the Middle East. He enjoys playing soccer, eating food and watching Netflix. He hopes to show y’all every inch of campus and our surrounding communities this year. 

Faculty staff includes Jenny L. Hanson and Sarah  Groeneveld Kenney as Co-Faculty Advisors