Our Editors

Ryan Moore | Co-Editor in Chief | moorer@augsburg.edu 
Ryan is a senior at Augsburg majoring in Communication Arts/Literature with a Secondary Education teaching license and a minor in leadership. He is Editor-in-Chief of The Echo, an editor for Murphy Square and a captain of Augsburg’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. When he isn’t running, drowning in school work, editing or being the “dad” of the CC and Track teams, Ryan enjoys hanging out with friends drinking coffee or tea. He takes his coffee and tea like his soul: dark and bitter. He one day hopes to be the “cool teacher” and a coach at a high school, but his true dream is to marry rich, retire early and buy a jet-ski.

Jessica Mendoza | Co-Editor in Chief | mendoza8@augsburg.edu
Jessica is a sophomore and represents cadre 3 of the Act Six scholarship program. She is majoring in english with a minor in sociology. One of her biggest passions is writing which she has been able to do for a local education non-profit called EdAllies.

Megan Johnson | Layout & Web Editor | johnso31@augsburg.edu
Megan Johnson is the Layout Editor for The Echo. She is majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing and Writing. She very much loves her little family consisting of her boyfriend, their baby kitten (Dana, named after Dana Scully from X-Files) and their hamster (Dolores, named after the character on Westworld). And just for the record, their kitten and hamster are very loving sisters to one another despite their differences.

Gabriel Benson | Copy Editor | bensongg@augsburg.edu
Gabriel Benson is a senior English and Communications student. He is the editor of Murphy Square, Augsburg’s literary and visual arts magazine; the Augsburg Honors Review, a scholarly journal; and is the copy editor for The Echo, the campus newspaper. He’s read something good lately.

Kristian Evans | Senior News Editor | evansk@augsburg.edu
Kristian Evans is a senior studying political science and communication with a minor in marketing. He is a third generation Auggie whose parents were married in the Chapel so he really had no choice but to come to Augsburg. He has written for The Echo his entire time at Augsburg and was previously the Sports editor. In his free time, he enjoys arguing about politics, tweeting about how LeBron James is the GOAT and annoying his roommates.

Jackson Gerber | Sports Editor | gerberj@augsburg.edu
Jackson is too busy to write his bio currently due to his writing for his section of The Echo.

Terrence Shambley Jr. | A&E Editor | shamblet@augsburg.edu
Terrence is a sophomore and is double majoring in Philosophy and Creative Writing. They are a local emcee and spoken word artist who likes to let their work and writing speak for itself. They believe in the power of language and art as liberating works. They believe in freedom and community and allat, but what’s most pressing is that YOU drink more water and get eight hours of sleep, dude. Send them a friend request on Facebook and see if they add you!

Abby Eck | Opinions Editor | ecka@augsburg.edu
Abby Eck is a sophomore double majoring in Music Education and English Literature. Along with working as the Opinions editor for The Echo, Abby works in the writing lab and as a rehearsal assistant for the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony. She loves discussing topics of student voice, watching strange documentaries with friends, playing her cello, and traveling (despite her misfortunes while doing so). Abby lives off of coffee and coupons, and hopes to meet many new writers this year!

Jennifer Kochaver | Features Editor | kochavej@augsburg.edu
Jen Kochaver is a senior studying mathematics, statistics and sociology. Imported from Maine, her primary functions are mean, median, mode and being goofy. She has been writing for The Echo. Her first article was headlined “Open-faced sandwich is truly a sandwich,” and her passion for hard-hitting journalism has only amplified since.

Jim Pfeffer | Photo Editor | pfefferj@augsburg.edu
Jim is a Junior at Augsburg studying English Literature. In his free time he enjoys running, playing guitar, and doing outside things. His favorite movie is the original Star Wars.

Faculty staff includes Jenny L. Hanson as Faculty Advisor