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Terrence Shambley Jr. (they/them/theirs) | Executive Editor | shamblet@augsburg.edu

Terrence is a senior double majoring in English with a Creative Writing concentration and African American Studies with a Radical Imagination concentration, and has a minor in Philosophy. They’re interested in the role that language, narrative, and voice play in creating new, liberatory worlds, especially for Black & Brown folks. When Terrence isn’t wearing their Executive Editor hat they are performing poetry somewhere in the Twin Cities, teaching writing and radical politics to young people, or working on their debut novel. Pre-pandemic you would probably find Terrence hanging out in Oyate Commons with the squad, their hair wrapped up clean in a bun, drinking some good water. Reach out to them if you have questions or just want to connect; they love meeting new writers!

Norhan Qasem (she/her/hers) | Managing Editor |  qasemn@augsburg.edu

May peace and blessings be upon you! My name is Norhan Qasem, and I’m a senior who will be graduating in December 2020! I’m a double major in social psychology and creative writing and I’m minoring in English (I know that’s a mouthful, but hey now you see how long I take to say it too:) ) Last fall (fall of 2019) was my first semester here at Augsburg, and I was a transfer student from Normandale Community College!“I was born and raised in Jordan, Middle East, but I’m originally Palestinean (never been there, but definitely hope to go one day!) I love spending time with my family and I love learning about diverse backgrounds, from cultures to religions to majors (you name it!). I have no idea what I’ll do when I graduate (as I didn’t even realize that I have to do something once I leave, you know?) I know, however, that I definitely want to help those who are less fortunate than myself both here in the states and back in the Middle East (for example, refugees). “Aside from psychology and writing, I also love art, specifically drawing and painting (haven’t painted anything new because this thing called school likes to dictate a lot of my life). I also enjoy having conversations about anything:) and I like meeting new people. So, very much in advance, know that it’s a wonderful pleasure to meet You!

Christa Kelly (she/her/hers) | Copy Editor | kellycc@augsburg.edu

Christa is a senior majoring in Technical Theatre and Directing, Dramaturgy, and Playwriting. She is an avid reader and writer and is too obsessed with grammar. Last year she was The Echo’s News Editor.

Danny Reinan (they/them/theirs) | News Editor | reinand@augsburg.edu 

Danny is a junior double-majoring in Social Work and Theater and is aiming to become a drama therapist. They are a stage actor, writer, visual artist, and social activist who believes strongly in the power of language and is an advocate for the freedom of information, which motivates their work at The Echo. When they’re not up to their ears in schoolwork, they can be found juggling a number of creative projects, including an original play and an action RPG video game. Feel free to reach out to them if you want to share your ideas for upcoming articles, exchange cat photos, or just say hello!

Citlaly Escobar (she/her/hers) | Opinions Editor | escobarc@augsburg.edu 

Citlaly is a senior majoring in political science and sociology. This is her second year being the Opinion’s Editor and she is passionate about storytelling, history, and community justice. Similar to last year, she envisions the opinions section as a space for marginalized voices to uplift their truths and talk about anything and everything ranging from politics to history to pop culture and more! Don’t hesitate to reach out to her with any questions, article ideas, or on social media!

Ziz Immelman (they/them/theirs) | Arts & Culture Editor | immelmae@augsburg.edu

Ziz is a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing, and with minors in graphic design, Spanish, and gender/sexuality/women’s studies. They are a visual artist, writer, and dancer who explores justice and activism through a creative lens. Ziz hopes to make the A&E section a space for all creative voices. When they’re not writing for the Echo, you can find them mixing some groovy tunes in the KAUG Radio studio, clowning, or just beboppin’ around with the lads.

Kristy Moua (she/her/hers) | Features Editor | mouakk8@augsburg.edu 

Kristy is a third year here at Augsburg, majoring in Communication Arts and Literature – Secondary Education. Kristy is planning to become an English teacher, she loved the books taught to her during high school and hopes to teach students in hopes to inspire them through literature. In her free time she loves hanging out with close ones, exploring Minnesota, going out to eat, playing games, and writing. Kristy is looking forward to being active in her hobbies more in the upcoming school year.

Dominick Ingram (he/him/his) | Sports Editor | ingramd@augsburg.edu 

A junior at Augsburg, Dom is a Communication Studies major and is minoring in Marketing. He hopes to get a job as a sports journalist one day. Dom has a strong passion for sports and involves himself in everything he can relating to them. Outside of his life of sports, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, spending time with his girlfriend Carly, working out, video games, and working on campus

Faculty staff includes Jenny L. Hanson and Sarah  Greenfield as Co-Faculty Advisors 
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