Our Editors

Ryan Moore | Editor in Chief
Ryan is a junior at Augsburg majoring in Communication Arts/Literature with a Secondary Education teaching license and a minor in leadership. He is Editor-in-Chief of The Echo, an editor for Murphy Square and a captain of Augsburg’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. When he isn’t running, drowning in school work, editing or being the “dad” of the CC and Track teams, Ryan enjoys hanging out with friends drinking coffee or tea. He takes his coffee and tea like his soul: dark and bitter. He one day hopes to be the “cool teacher” and a coach at a high school, but his true dream is to marry rich, retire early and buy a jet-ski.

Abby Tetzlaff | Managing Editor
Abby Tetzlaff is an English Literature major with minors in German and Sociology. Now a senior, she has worked on The Echo as a writer and editor since her freshman year and thinks the joke issue release is another holiday. She also works on two other Augsburg student publications. When she’s free, Abby likes to bike around the cities, take 35mm film photography, and read Alan Alda’s twitter feed. Not all at the same time–that’s dangerous.

Megan Johnson | Layout Editor
Megan Johnson is the Layout Editor for The Echo. She is majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Marketing and Writing. She very much loves her little family consisting of her boyfriend, their baby kitten (Dana, named after Dana Scully from X-Files) and their hamster (Dolores, named after the character on Westworld). And just for the record, their kitten and hamster are very loving sisters to one another despite their differences.

Gabriel Benson | Copy Editor
Gabriel Benson is the Copy Editor of The Echo. Along with that, he is the Associate Editor of the Murphy Square literary magazine, Managing Editor of the Augsburg Honors Review scholarly journal, editor at Howling Bird Press, and is a tutor in the Writing Lab. In his spare time, he loves to read, write, and be with friends. He likes his coffee black.

Sophie Keefe | News Editor
Sophie is a senior at Augsburg, the News Editor of The Echo, and is majoring in English Literature, Language, and Theory. She’s also a metro transit expert. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, spending time with friends and family, and avidly listening to show tunes. She likes her coffee with copious amounts of cream and sugar (much to her managing editor’s chagrin.)

Joe Rydel | Sports Editor
Joe is too busy to write his bio currently due to his writing for his section of The Echo.

Matthew Peckham | Opinions Editor
Matt Peckham is a Senior at Augsburg University majoring in Engligh (Literature, Language, and Theory), and minoring in Political Science (Pre-Law), Environmental Studies, and English (Creative Writing). He enjoys playing the guitar, visiting lakes, and eating sauerkraut. His dream is to become an attorney, despite spending years as a writing tutor and lifeguard.

Kelton Holsen | Features Editor
The Echo Features editor Kelton Holsen is in his second year at Augsburg. He is majoring in Computer Science and Creative Writing. He is also the vice president of the Augsburg Manga and Anime Club and the tabletop officer of Games United. In his spare time, he enjoys playing games of all sorts. His favorite flavor of jelly bean is buttered popcorn.

Jim Pfeffer | Photo Editor
Jim is a Junior at Augsburg studying English Literature. In his free time he enjoys running, playing guitar, and doing outside things. His favorite movie is the original Star Wars.

Faculty staff includes Jenny L. Hanson as Faculty Advisor