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Review: Lego Batman isn’t afraid to poke fun


“The Lego Batman Movie” is a satirical story about the superhero Batman who juggles the responsibilities of fighting crime with a new commissioner and his newly adopted son. Batman here has a gravelly voice brilliantly performed by Will Arnett. His comedic voice talent fits this story well because he allows the character to point out the silliness of Batman.


Lego Batman Movie Poster

The rest of the supporting cast is fantastic as well. Michael Cera’s voice lends itself to the character of Robin. He plays it very fast and is a very innocent character. He is just so sweet that his character plays a great foil to the very serious Batman. Zach
Galifianakis voices The Joker in this film. He does a good job with some great material that examines his relationship with Batman. Rosario Daw- son and Ralph Fiennes round out the main cast as Commissioner Barbara Gordon and Alfred respectively.

What is so funny about this film is just how the writers and characters play with the world involving Batman. Like “Deadpool,” the film is self-referential to not only itself, but other versions of Batman, but it still feels like a Lego movie. The varied cast of villains used in this film is hilarious and includes many obscure characters that even the hardcore comic book fans might not know. What is also great about this film is that it works as a character study on Batman. It isn’t something that is groundbreaking or revolutionary, but it does analyze Batman and Bruce Wayne in-depth to understand how they tick. It focuses on the fact that Batman is a jerk and he has to learn about what it means to be a family again.

The biggest problem for the film is that it does not live up to “The Lego Movie.” The film is still really good, but it just never reaches the heights of its predecessor. The film also beats you over the head with its themes. Characters usually state outright what they are thinking and feeling so you never feel surprised by anything anyone is going to do.

The film is still an enjoyable ride, though. The animation is still distinct and very fluid, and like “The Lego Movie,” everything is designed to look like Legos. “The Lego Batman Movie” is just very good. It might not be the most com- plex and groundbreaking film I have seen, but it creates a great character study of the titular hero. It’s smart, funny and enjoyable for people of all ages. I would recommend checking it out.

This article first appeared in the Friday, February 17, 2017, Edition of The Echo.