Seeing green in CSBR construction


Some may wonder why Augsburg did not include solar panels on the nearly completed Hagfors Center, despite boasting efforts for going green. It is because much of the building’s exterior, especially the atrium, is covered in large windows. Many windows, particularly bay windows protruding from the building, allow natural interior lighting and subsequently natural heating. Cloudy, rainy and snowy weather will not greatly affect lighting and heating in the Hagfors Center due to this clever architectural design. Minnesota’s notoriously gloomy weather has influenced the building’s construction.

Demolition of the existing Science Building will add ample green space on campus and a beautiful view of the building from Murphy Square. The street between the Hagfors Center rotaries (roundabout in Minnesotan terms), and the freeway wall will be converted into pedestrian space and extra greenery.

The Hagfors Center is also being constructed with an outdoor teaching environment located in the adjacent rain garden and urban arboretum. Classrooms built on a modular framework will allow rooms to change shape and to suit a variety of needs due to their adaptability.

If you have not taken notice already, Augsburg University is finishing the building construction that began in Apr. 2016. The Hagfors Center will be an incredible addition to the Augsburg community, will enhance campus life and will push toward the goal of a green campus.

This article first appeared in the Friday, October 6, 2017, Edition of The Echo.