Student Organizations give campus creative transformation


When it comes to the decorating contest, homecoming is a time to let one’s creativity shine. Augsburg student groups were given the chance to let the entire campus know what they are all about as well as to celebrate their Auggie pride.

The Augsburg Campus Activities and Orientation office offered $3,000 to the winning student group.

The decorating contest was very competitive this year. Many amazing entries canvassed the walls around campus. From Old Main all the way to Christensen Center, student groups helped create a festive atmosphere for homecoming.

The decorations were captivating thanks to a team effort by the student groups. Dedicated members carved time out from their busy schedules to promote the goals of their respective organizations.

Students awaited the results of the competition at the Pep Rally on Oct.13. Excitement was tangible in Si Melby as the results were announced.

Hmong Women Together (HWT) received first place, Augsburg Asian Student Association (AASA) came in second place and Bauhaus came in third. Augsburg Latin American Students (ALAS) and PanAfrikan Student Union (PASU) tied for the fourth place spot.

HWT’s decoration design was a great combination of Auggie spirit and student group pride. Their theme was Taug: the path we walk. As Hmong women, group members understand that their paths are marked by the communities that surround them. A nice finishing touch to their elegantly portrayed theme was a model Auggie Eagle perched over the sculpture.

Students did a stupendous job representing topics of integral importance to their different groups. ALAS’s decorations portrayed significant events regarding the struggles Latinx countries are facing. Their theme, Homecoming to Reality, reminded others to be cognizant of world issues even in times of celebration.

PASU’s unity theme was represented beautifully through a sculpture that placed the faces of group members on a 3D model of the African continent. They celebrated both their 50th anniversary and the trailblazing leaders that created change for black youth.

A highlight of the various homecoming festivities on campus was seeing decorations from the various student groups throughout the week. Each student group should be proud of their work. In light of the event, one thing is for certain: if this year’s photo by Jessica Mendoza competition was high, next years should hold even more challenging creativity and pleasant surprises.

This article first appeared in the Friday, October 20, 2017, Edition of The Echo.