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Augsburg’s Spooky Film Fest showcases student-made scares


The Spooky Film Festival is an annual film festival hosted by the Augsburg Art Club. This event is great for the Augsburg student body because it helps promote student-made work. The Art Club accepted submissions from the entire student body and gave out fun Halloween-themed prizes to the top three films.

The first place prize went to the short film “Blind Dates.” The story is about a woman who gets a rush on going on Tinder dates with men she doesn’t know. The film follows her on one of these dates and takes a very interesting and spooky turn. I found the film very entertaining, and it worked very well at being not only slightly comedic but in delivering a very spooky atmosphere.

The second place prize went to the short film “The Egg.” The story was about a woman who had a fear of eggs, and the eggs begin to attack her. This short was just a lot more silly, and I found it very effective at delivering laughs. The film worked well in both its premise and execution.

The third place prize went to the short film “The Ghost of Golgi’s Body.” The story followed a woman in a biology class learning about the golgi apparatus and soon becomes haunted by the ghost of the man who discovered it, Camillo Golgi. I found the film’s balance of scares and humor worked to its advantage in telling this kind of ridiculous story.

There were seven films in total, and all had their own fun little spin. The short film that opened the festival was “Albert.” The story involving a young man who goes slightly insane, and the film follows how he deals with his insanity. Another film at the festival was “Conversation with Ghosts,” a parody of a film that was shown at the Augsburg Film Festival titled “Conversation with God.” “True YouTube Stories,” a short film about a YouTuber who might encounter a scary man out to get him, and “Vended,” a short film about the dangers of taking strange things out of vending machines, round out the rest of the films played at the festival.

What I appreciated most about this festival was watching all these student works. The Art Club has done a great job of supporting student filmmakers on campus, and I can’t wait to go again next year.

This article first appeared in the Friday, November 3, 2017, Edition of The Echo.