Roundabout impacts commuter population

By Ryan Moore, Editor-in-Chief

The commuter population experienced yet another installment to the saga as they attempting to park throughout this semester.

The construction of the CSBR has been a buzz around campus from its conception, continuing still to the opening of the building. This all began with the planning and search for funding. Since then, the excitement of new lab facilities for science programs has remained at the forefront of the positives of the construction. Recently, the demolition of the old community garden occurred in order to prep the land for the new and improved garden.

The fact that two parking lots were removed for the construction of the building is never far from the minds of anyone trying to park on campus. While navigating the streets of Augsburg, the new roundabout with the peace tree that was honored at the conclusion of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Forum is difficult to miss.

It is this roundabout, in fact, that gained a spotlight in the chronicle of the parking shortage. On Nov. 21, students were notified via email from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that parking in the roundabout would not be allowed in order to comply with state laws; since the opening of the roundabout, the edges of it have been used for parking spots—a precious commodity around Augsburg.

This new ruling is to be compliant with Minnesota State Statute 169.34, as stated by the email. “[N]o vehicles may park in the roundabout or crosswalk areas at 21st Ave S and 7th St S.” The message from DPS reads. “The roundabout is a traffic control device for an intersection, and parking within the roundabout creates an unnecessary safety hazard.”

In order to enforce this, students were informed that ticketing would begin immediately after the email was sent. Additionally, the email informed students that any vehicles parked in these areas after Nov. 27 would be towed immediately. These actions taken by DPS are meant to keep Augsburg community members following the laws that come with including roundabouts on campuses. Day Student Government continues to work with both DPS and administration to better the parking situation.

This article first appeared in the Friday, December 8, 2017, Edition of The Echo.