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Interview: Ava Fojtik of ‘The Misunderstanding’

Madison Siiter, Contributor

Something eerie is coming to the Tjornhom-Nelson Theater this weekend. “The Misunderstanding,” directed by fourth-year Augsburg student Del Logeais and written by French philosopher Albert Camus, centers around a young woman named Martha and her mother. The two own a boarding home where they take in men and murder them to steal their money. Trouble arises when a certain guest in disguise comes to stay with the women after a long hiatus.
I recently sat down with first-year student Ava Fojtik, who plays Martha, to talk about the mysterious production. While this is Fojtik’s first Augsburg production, she’s been involved in theater for almost ten years.
“The cast is made up of four main roles and an ensemble, so it’s really small,” said Fojtik. “The staging of the show is very unique. The audience is never seated and there isn’t a permanent set. It feels really intimate. It’s much different than any show I’ve done before.”
Martha’s dark and apathetic personality also brought new challenges to Fojtik as an actor.
  “She is a very affection-starved young woman who dreams of one day moving to the sea, [but] she really lacks empathy. For me, it was hard to portray her in a realistic light and make her a character an audience will be able to relate to.”
Despite the challenges, Fojtik is incredibly proud of everyone involved in the show. She would like to nod to her fellow cast members, director and artistic directors for working so hard to put on a great show.
“I hate to be cliché, but I hope it will make the audience think a little bit more. An important theme of the show is relationships and recognizing which ones are important and of value. I hope this show will make people consider the relationships in their own lives more deeply.”
“The Misunderstanding” runs Thursday Jan. 25 through Sunday Jan. 28 in Tjornhom-Nelson Theater. Each night has two shows: 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and a Sunday afternoon performance at 3 p.m. Reserve your tickets on the Augsburg Theater box office website and bring a cash donation or non-perishable food item at showtime for entry.

This article first appeared in the Friday, January 26, 2018, Edition of The Echo.