Auggies defeat Pipers in Special Olympic showdown

Joe Rydel, Sports Editor

On Jan. 29, athletes from both Hamline and Augsburg University came together not only to play a game of basketball but to celebrate Special Olympics Minnesota. The Auggies ultimately prevailed in the end by a narrow margin of 52-48.
Special Olympics Minnesota is becoming a regular visitor to Augsburg each year, giving people from around the state a chance to compete at a high level in a wide variety of athletics.  Both sets of athletes, Special Olympics and college athletes, get a chance to experience an incredibly fun event. It gives Augsburg and Hamline athletes alike a chance to have fun and compete in a sport they may not even play and a chance to interact with many amazing individuals in the process. 
The rivalry between the Pipers and the Auggies goes back many decades, and it is still very much alive today. As a result of the Auggies’ victory, the school will boast two traveling trophies between the schools. The Augsburg Football team prevailed in the Hammer Game this fall by defeating the Pipers by a score of 35-28. The Hammer Game dates back over a decade with the Auggies holding the advantage in the all-time series. With the win on Monday night at Si Melby Hall, the Auggies possess yet another Hammer that will be displayed in the Kennedy Center in the coming weeks. 
Stay tuned for next year’s event as it is sure to be a thrilling contest for the Hammer.

This article first appeared in the Friday, February 2, 2018, Edition of The Echo.