Strommen Center helps students pursue vocation

Jeremy Hallowanger, Staff Writer

Figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life can seem daunting and frightening. Although being in college can focus your outlook, it can also bring more questions. What will you major in? What will you do with that major? Will you be able to find a job upon graduation? These questions and many other ones will go through your head while at Augsburg.
The good news is the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work is able to help.
Some goals of the Strommen Center’s mission include promoting the exploration of vocation, purposeful living and meaningful work. This bridges the connection between liberal arts and professional knowledge with the skills, talent, faith and core values of the Augsburg community. The beautiful thing about Augsburg is that its diversity accomplishes these goals differently for students and alumni alike.
Viewing work through a vocational lens emphasizes an impact perspective. What you choose to do will affect the world in some shape or form, and utilizing your skills and qualities should be rewarding. The Strommen Center provides career education and planning services. It also prepares students to make effective life and career choices in order to achieve their professional dreams — whether those dreams are changing or ongoing. The vocational journey leads to a destination of an excellent legacy.
This preparation incorporates a number of services including exploring career options, creating or strengthening a resume, writing cover letters, finding internships, building connections with mentors and practicing for interviews. The center also hosts career events in order to provide support for students. On Feb. 6, the Strommen Center partnered with the Young Alumni Board and Alumni Parent Relations to host the Auggie Networking Experience. Students will have the opportunity to explore, experience and evolve by building relationships with alumni in different industries while learning about alumni experience in the workforce.
The Strommen center also encourages participation in events off campus, such as the MN Private College Job & Internship Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Feb. 27. There will be more than 260 employers willing to talk about options for a variety of majors and careers.
Strommen Center Assistant Director Emily Reinhart emphasized the importance of taking advantage of Augsburg’s opportunities:
“While you’re a student at Augsburg, you have this wonderful, built-in professional network. Your professors, coaches, advisors and career staff are all here to help you connect with professionals in your field. Take advantage of those connections by talking with them and attending events that bring employers, alumni and students together. Career exploration and planning can feel overwhelming if you try to do it alone. The Strommen Center is here to make that process as easy as possible. Come in and talk to us, even if you don’t know what to ask — just let us know you don’t know where to start. We’ll take it from there.”
The Auggie Networking Experience and MN Private College Job & Internship Fair both require registration. Details can be found using the Strommen Center’s Handshake system. In order to log in to Handshake and access its provided resources, visit

This article first appeared in the Friday, February 9, 2018, Edition of The Echo.