Coffee Shop Review: Code Blu Coffee

Preston Peterson, Contributor

Looking for a new place to grab coffee near campus? Code Blu Coffee is a new coffee shop in the Seward neighborhood on Franklin Avenue that may be a good option. Here is my review of Code Blu Coffee.

  • Atmosphere: *****

The seating area is not very big but also isn’t overfilled with furniture like many coffee shops are. There are many outlets available for charging phones or other devices. They also have alternative/soft pop tunes playing in the background that add to the atmosphere. The eclectic art scattered all over the walls makes Code Blu hip.

  • Coffee and Beverages *****

Code Blu has a wide variety of classic and specialty beverages. Their espresso was mellow and had a caramel or honey-like sweetness. Winnie the Pooh would definitely approve. I also tried their wild berry smoothie; it tasted like the soul of a strawberry and raspberry were liquefied and mixed together.

  • Price *****

The prices at Code Blu are great. When going to a small business, you would expect to have to pay a bit more; I was shocked to find that their prices were lower than a competitive chain coffee shop. This is a plus: buying a latte shouldn’t put you in crippling debt.

  • Overall Rating *****

Code Blu Coffee surprised me with a great shot of espresso, killer prices and a mellow I highly recommend it.

This article first appeared in the Friday, April 13, Edition of The Echo.