My Goodbye

Eve Taft, Web and Social Media Editor

The very first week of my freshman year, I tiptoed into an “Echo” meeting. I was shy and a little bit worried no one would want me there, but someone offered me a seat on the comfy couch, and JT, the editor-in-chief at the time, made dad jokes until I felt at home. For my first article, I covered that fall’s All Hands Meeting.

This is my last “Echo” article because I graduate on the 28th.

I joke that English majors are hermit-like, that we don’t have the cohesion of departments like music or theatre. But in the Echo Office, that’s not so. I’m thankful for the “Echo” community, and for being part of it for the past four years.

I’m also grateful for what I’ve learned during my time as a staff writer and web editor: that even a little college paper can shine a light on the truth and that journalism is essential to holding ourselves accountable. In 2018, it feels more important than ever.

So as I get ready to walk, I want to say thank you to all the editors who put up with my poor titling skills, to all the readers who listened to my opinions, and to everyone who makes this paper a reality. I am so very grateful.

This article first appeared in the Friday, April 20 Edition of The Echo.