Souls to the Polls encourages students to vote

Gabriel Benson, Copy Editor

One may wonder what the connection is between faith and politics. In fact, the connection is scorned in many circles with the relationship between church and state deemed supposedly unhealthy for our country.

With this in mind, one must ask, beyond a clever rhyme scheme, what is “Souls to the Polls”? Signs for Souls to the Polls have been popping up around campus, and Campus Ministry has been offering free signs in the A-Mail. The signs, per the A-Mail are “to display at your home or around campus encouraging your neighbors to get out and vote!”

On its surface, it appears to be a reminder to go out and vote in the midterm election. However, the program, heavily supported through Campus Ministry, definitely has religious ties.

Janice Dames is the administrative assistant of Campus Ministry said, “It is an important religious tenant to be engaged civically.”

Junior religion major Sarah Hanson says, “Souls to the Polls encourages people whose voices have been silenced or undervalued to vote. In my religious tradition, there is an emphasis on loving all people and serving your neighbor. Voting matters, and helping people who couldn’t typically get out to vote get to the polls can lead to elected officials who are dedicated to serving all members of the community, even those who might usually be forgotten.”

Steve Peacock, the director of community relations, is spearheading the program.

Certainly, college students are a group that struggles to find the polls; people aged 18-29 have historically been one of the lowest voting groups per the Campus Vote Project. Augsburg, believing in teaching engaged citizens, has a strong reason to highlight the importance of voting.

This article first appeared in the Friday, September 28 edition of The Echo.

Souls to the Polls sign outside of Trinity Lutheran on 20th and Riverside; signs are available at Campus Ministry. Photo by Jim Pfeffer.