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Review: ‘Venom’ is all teeth and no bite

Jacob VanHoutan, Staff Writer

“Venom” is the kind of film that feels like it came out of an assembly line. The characters and story all feel recycled from other films like a piece from the corporate machine. The film is about Eddie Brock, a news reporter, who comes across an alien symbiote while investigating a shady company. The symbiote bonds with him, and he has to figure out how they can coexist.

    One of the most disappointing aspects of the film is the performances. Tom Hardy is really good in this film. He does a good job of representing Brock as a character who is seemingly going insane. Even though the character isn’t given the most compelling development, Hardy is still able to bring a lot to the film. Michelle Williams, on the other hand, is given a minimal role. She plays Anne Weying, a lawyer and the former fiance of Brock, her talents are wasted on this very uninteresting character.   The villain of the film is just as unmemorable. Riz Ahmed plays Carlton Drake, a wealthy CEO who is trying to use the symbiotes to make humankind better. There are several problems with this character though. Ahmed is an actor whom I have enjoyed in other things, but I just don’t think he is able to play this stoic, villainous character well. He’s bland, and the film doesn’t really give him room to add any new dimensions to the character either.

    Each action sequence feels filmed and planned very poorly. The editing is way too quick to ever establish location. I don’t want to criticise the overall design of the character because I do think it is well done; I just think that the film should have tried to make some of the action scenes more thought out.

This article first appeared in the Friday, October 12 edition of The Echo.