Jen Meinhardt, Staff Writer

We Pledged Allegiance

To a flag

Of the formerly misinformed united states of Northern America

(but south of Canada)

A sort-of republic?

(if you’re a rich lobbyist)

Several mini nations combined into one,

We tried to stand for it,

Under many god’s because we weren’t supposed to be a theocracy

With Liberty

Unless you wish to loiter in public spaces or if you are Black and Out in Public

And justice

Unless your Muslim and wish to practice your faith

(or gay or trans or Jewish or Latinx or disabled or poor  or an immigrant– who’s

this justice for


For all*

* a Straight White Middle Aged Able Bodied and Minded White Man.


***go out and Vote

This article was originally published in the Nov. 9, 2018 issue.