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Review: ‘A Star is Born’ showcases Lady Gaga’s simplistic beauty

Jessica Mendoza, Managing Editor

Lady Gaga and her co-star Bradley Cooper delivered a great performance in their recent film “A Star is Born.” It shows us Gaga in a different role than audiences are used to seeing her in which is in music or roles in tv shows like American Horror Story. One thing that is to be admired in her performance is the vocals and sincerity she places into her character. The relationship she develops with Jackson Maine a musician that helps Gaga’s character Ally find confidence in her artistic abilities.

Bradley Cooper’s character discovers Ally and takes an interest in wanting to help her branch out of the small town places she performs in. The story develops, and we learn that Jackson Maine (Cooper) has his own struggles in the form of addiction and pressures of being a star in his own right. While there is some romantic elements to the film it is not the only focus of it. The other important element of the film is in the transformation of each character in asking difficult questions pertaining to what is missing in their lives. Gaga’s appearance is different from past images she has sported in the form on fantastical dresses and heavy sets of makeup. In this film she is shown as having a simplistic beauty and relates more to audiences as a regular person. Cooper also gave a worthy performance and showed the range of his ability to deliver vocally. There were multiple scenes in the film that the main characters either shared a song or went off on their own in front of a crowd.

While this story may not seem unique it offers many elements that set it apart from the usual rise to fame narrative. Not every moment is glamorous and the film incorporates some serious issues.

This article was originally published in the Nov. 9, 2018 issue.