Prof. Adamo relieved of Honors duties amid investigation

Ryan Moore, Editor-in-Chief

Augsburg University administration has removed Professor Adamo from HON120, the Scholar Citizen, for the remainder of this semester and from his role as director of the Honors program while a review of the program is underway.

Provost Karen Kaivola communicated this information to Honors students and faculty via email on Nov. 14. “A review of the HON120 course is nearing completion,” Kaivola said. “A review of the culture, structure and administration of the Honors Program will be launched in partnership with Honors faculty and students: we anticipate this review to extend into the spring term.”

Kaivola also stated, “Student reports have raised concern about the inclusiveness of HON120 and other issues in the Honors Program.” The Provost went on to address some student concerns over financial aid: “As noted in a recent communication from the provost to faculty and staff, no student financial aid awards will be impacted by the current issues in the Honors Program.”

Charles Adams, professor of the theater lab attached to HON120, will teach the course for the remainder of the semester, and an interim director of the Honors program will be appointed. Honors representatives and Honors desk staff said, “Having Professor Charles Adams teach the remainder of HON120 is what’s best for the safety of the students in the course, but we politely decline any further comment until we meet with the provost directly.” Time has been made for these meetings to be on Nov. 15 and 16; the President and Vice-President of Day Student Government have also been asked to attend.

In the concluding paragraph Kaivola said, “We are here to do this work — we will be present when you need us to be, speak when you need us to and remain silent when that is what is required of us.”

This article was originally published in the Nov. 16, 2018 issue.