Instrument thefts hit sour note among campus musicians

Kristian Evans, Senior News Editor

The Augsburg music department is responding to a series of thefts of music equipment after an individual gained access to the lockers that are used to store instruments and other equipment.

According to an email sent to students in the program, an individual was able to enter the lockers after guessing the combinations of the locks on the storage units.

In response, the music department has tightened security and will keep the area in question locked on a more frequent basis. Students have also been asked to carry their equipment with them until more permanent security solutions have been established.

Students in the program have voiced frustration with the breach of security, due to both the equipment that was taken and the inconvenience of transporting instruments around campus. Abigail Eck, a music student who is also an editor for “The Echo,” has had to carry her cello case around campus until permanent storage is found.

When reached for a comment, department chair David Myers stated, “We are reviewing our internal policies and reminders to students about safekeeping of valuables and working with security and facilities to determine ways of making the instrument storage more secure.”

This article was originally published in the Dec. 07, 2018 issue.