Letter: Student government calls Augsburg to action

Brandon William, Eli Baker, Noah Greenfield, Jasmira Colon, Ethan Quezada & Salwa Hassam, ADSG Members

Augsburg Day Student Government (ADSG) on behalf of the Day Student Body call on Augsburg University to:

Based off of the information and opinions gathered by ADSG representatives from a panel discussion, anonymous surveys and communication with student leaders, on Dec.12 ADSG in an unanimous vote passed a resolution with the following points:

1. Establish a full time Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) with substantial administrative power, encourage collaboration between the Multicultural Student Services office (MSS) and the CDO and increase MSS staff

2. Include the CDO and/or MSS in all future disciplinary meetings or meetings involving restorative justice methods

3. Review and then require cultural competency training for all staff and faculty with some form of continued learning education

4. Restructure the Augsburg Seminar course to include cultural competency as a pillar of the program

5. Develop a definitive, clear and concise definition of “academic freedom” within the faculty handbook that includes a statement about ensuring the safety of students and doing no intentional harm

6. Review the tenure process; Bias and Discrimination Reports need to have an impact on the tenure and promotion processes

7. Student diversity should be reflected within the hiring process of faculty and administration; the candidates should reflect the diversity of the student body the candidates would serve

8. Review the course evaluations; questions on whether a student’s cultures and identities were respected by the professor within the course should be added

This article was originally published in the Dec. 14, 2018 issue.