Student Government semester summary

Ashley Kronebush, Contributor

Three resolutions and several non-policy initiatives have been passed by the Augsburg Day Student Government (ADSG) as the Fall 2018 semester draws to a close.

The “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” resolution was the first piece of legislation passed this year, which affirmed the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. ADSG aimed to stand in solidarity with Native American students in hopes that university administration would follow suit. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is recognized by the city of Minneapolis while Columbus Day, on the same day, is still a national holiday.

Some items detailed in the Climate Resolution have already been initiated, although the process is ongoing. A non-policy initiative that has been approved is the switch of ADSG office hours to a community engagement program that encourages ADSG members to be available at public functions on campus. A volunteer drive was also held that gathered and supplied food, clothing and other essentials to the Hiawatha homeless encampment, mobilizing members of the Augsburg community.

Other work that is underway is making rental Metro Transit cards from the library more accessible to students. The Environmental Action Committee (EAC) is also searching for ways to further actualize environmental action at Augsburg. Planned actions from ADSG also include improving student engagement, making additions to the bulletin system in Kennedy and returning needle dispensers.

Two resolutions that have been passed unanimously are the “Protection of Transgender Students and Colleagues Resolution,” which calls for continued university support of students of all gender identities, and the “Institutional Climate Resolution” which advocates eight action items regarding cultural competency, the faculty hiring processes and departmental review. The vote for these resolutions was held on Dec. 12.

The “Institutional Climate Resolution” will continue to be addressed in the coming semester with committees as representatives for the student body.

Sam Gunnarson, the Public Relations Representative of ADSG added “We want to thank students who participated in our ‘What’s Next?’ event and for their meaningful perspectives and ideas on what and how to bring change to our campus.”

This article was originally published in the Dec. 14, 2018 issue.