Campus Safety Update

Abigail Eck, Opinions Editor

There were six reports of theft, five reports of narcotics violations, two fire alarms, one fight and one fire during the month of December. Furthermore, there was one physical robbery on Dec. 10, bringing it to a total of eighteen incidents reported in Dec. of 2018.

    So far, in January, there has been one case of aggravated assault, in which there were shots fired on 21st Ave by the Jimmy Johns on Jan. 12, with two other minor incidents occurring otherwise involving a domestic disturbance in Luther and a fire alarm in Anderson; a total of three incidents reported so far.

   Crime alerts and logs are updated and posted regularly on the DPS website, available to browse.

     DPS continues to state, “If You See Something – Say Something,” as well as giving safety tips surrounding being aware of surroundings and calling public safety for escorts between dusk and dawn or for other concerns.

This article was originally published in the Jan. 25, 2019 issue.