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Golden Night had glamour and glitz

Christa Kelly, Staff Writer

Students donned their most regal apparel and entered the Christiansen Center for a night of dancing, awe and gold on Saturday Feb. 2nd. It was the Golden Night Ball, one of Augsburg’s fanciest events of the year. From the moment students approached the ticket table, they knew that the night would be magical. White curtains draped the hallways, and bouquets of flowers were meticulously arranged on every table. High over the crowds towered two dancers on stilts, complete with flapper dressers and tall, feathered headpieces. Up the staircase, the cafeteria had been transformed. Gold and white balloons decorated the ceiling. The dinner tables had been folded away and exchanged for couches and thrones.

The music was one of the first things students noticed as they gazed over the ballroom. In the corner was a stage which, for the first half of the night, held a live jazz band, some of the members even augsburg alumni. Their performance was phenomenal.

Students and guests wandered the ballroom, eating, drinking, and dancing. No one went hungry. A carving station was positioned opposite the dance floor. In the adjoining room were plates of cheesecake, chicken, vegetables and deviled eggs. Drink containers of juice and ice water sat in the back while a line formed for the mocktail station.

A more unique way of receiving drinks was taking a champagne flute from a cart being pushed by a lady in a large ball gown. She danced through the crowds, only stopping occasionally for her drinks to be reloaded.

Students enjoyed the festivities of the night. Freshman Hannah Rose Feidt said, “It was beautifully decorated, and having the live band was awesome.” Sophomore Cal Denson Lehman agreed. “The music was lively and familiar.”

After the jazz band played their last song, student Reuben Kitto Stately performed rap pieces for the audience. Afterwards, the DJ took over the music, and the party continued. The dance held other activities for the guests to participate in. A photo booth was located in the back room with props and costumes to play with. A raffle also took place with lucky students winning ​AirPods, Echo Dot speakers, an Intax Camera and Visa gift cards.

As the party came to an end near midnight, the lavish decorations were stowed away and students changed back into their normal attire. Even so, the magic persisted. The night was one to be remembered.

This article was originally published in the Feb. 8, 2019 issue. 

Students attend ASAC’s The Golden Night. Photos by Laurel Mikkelson.