Housing Expo accommodates student preferences

Nehemiah Robinson, Contributor

Housing Expo was the place to be this past week on campus. The event took place in the Urness/Mortensen Lobby. Residence life put Housing Expo together for current students to choose their housing for the Fall 2019 semester. The first station was check-in: at this station, students checked in and received a checklist to complete by the end of the Expo to guarantee they went through all the necessary stations.

Station two was just for mingling and asking any questions that one may have. The third station was to see what housing was still available and to select the exact residence hall and room you wanted to be in. The fourth and final station was to complete the housing contract. Once you had completed the contract, you were all set and now had all your living arrangements set up for next semester. I also spoke to one of the pro staff of Residence Life, Emma Blom, and she told me that after the housing contract was complete, residence life staff members were in the back office to put everything together and to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

The first day of Housing Expo was for pre-signers, neighborhoods and staff. Day two was for specific residence halls and singles. Residence Life is offering new singles to upperclassmen in the fall, and upperclassmen now have the opportunity to live on the first two floors of Urness Hall. These rooms are at very high demand and because of that, probably sold out fairly quickly. The last three days were based on selection numbers. The higher the selection number, the better chance you had at getting the room of your choice. Residence Life hosted multiple events throughout the weeks leading up to Housing Expo to help people earn more points for room selection.

I enjoyed the Expo, but I didn’t go through the full process, but I still enjoyed my time. Being able to pick the exact location you will be living and all the people you’ll be living with is amazing. I was able to complete all the necessary requirements to get my setup in the residence hall I wanted with the help of staff members. All the staff at the Expo were very attentive and answered all the questions that students had. They helped students go through the process and made it very easy for students to understand the Expo and chose the right room and roommates for them.

This article was originally published in the Feb. 15, 2019 issue.