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Review: Future’s ‘WIZRD’

Zoha Naqwi, Contributor

While this is not considered Black history as of yet, it is still worth bringing up the release of American rapper Future’s most recent album, “The WIZRD.” It was announced on Jan. 4 with the new track “Crushed Up,” and the album as a whole has 20 tracks. It was released on every major streaming service on Jan 11.

The album was released at the same time as his film of the same name, which follows Future on the 2016 Purple Reign tour where one can take a look at his personal life and creative process. In the days prior to the album’s release, the young rapper had taken snippets of selected tracks through videos posted on social media. Each snippet features some of the most well-known sorcerers in popular culture, an example being Lord Voldemort and the Wizard of Oz himself.

Artist Andre 3000 admires Future by suggesting, “Future makes the most negative inspirational music ever.” We see that in “Crushed Up,” which starts with a spontaneous thought that the artist had at the sight of an expensive watch: “Diamonds in the face crushed up, I can see it.” He goes on from there, reflecting on all material things taking twists and turn, looking inward and outward. In the end, it leaves us wondering about the materialistic quagmire that we are all in.

As Pat Levy, from “Consequence of Sound” magazine, suggested, “Future is constantly a work in progress. Every time it seems like he’s in a good place, he suddenly isn’t.” After coping with a broken relationship in the past years, Future is now morphed into a wizard, but for how long? Only time will tell. Give his new album a listen and decide for yourself.

This article was originally published in the Feb. 15, 2019 issue.