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Review: ‘Lego Movie Part 2’ creates magic on screen

Michael Olderr, Staff Writer

“The Lego Movie” sequel takes place several years after the events the previous movie where the little sister’s creations have destroyed everything and made it an apocalyptic wasteland. This changes all the main characters, so they can survive, everyone except for Emmet who still has his cheery attitude from the first movie. This comes into conflict when people from the Sistar-System and kidnaps Wyldstyle and his friends, and thus the story begins. Though the movie does not capture the same kind of feel as the original movie, it has its own message and a beautiful story, so it holds its own as one the most heartfelt movies this year.

One of the film’s greatest strengths is with its main protagonist, Lucy (aka Wyldstyle) and Emmet. This film does a great job of exploring both of them in a really interesting way. Their relationship also mirrors the movie’s theme of change, while at the same time being the same lovable dorks from the first movie. Though the characters do spend quite a bit apart, they are still the heart and soul of this movie. The two of them mature in a way that is both true to their character and unique in it’s own way. Lucy, in particular, is both creative and unexpected. The two also have the advantage of continuing to be in a relationship at the start of the movie and subverting the trend of having a couple break up in between movies. However, that is not to say the two of them don’t have issues, but it is done justly and serves as a reminder for why communication is very important in relationships.

If you watched the trailers and think you have seen where the film is going, then you are ready to be thrown for a loop. The movie puts the “​Last Jedi”​ to shame with its subversion of expectations. You think it’s about one thing then it hits you with another. It’s hilarious, introspective and keeps you on your toes. It also continues the storyline that was set up at the very end of the movie (the brother and the sister) their role in the story here is really intertwined with the story in such a weird but perfect way that also builds upon the theme from the last movie. Though the gimmick is more noticeable here than it was in the previous movie, it still works toward the movie’s advantage. Though I will say that some of those segments try too hard to be funny. For instance, the character Queen Watevra, who is clearly meant to make you laugh, will hardly get a chuckle out of you, though she kind of makes up for it with her catchy, humorous songs, like most of the songs in the movie.

This movie is not the same as the original, but it tells its own unique and creative story that works just as good if not better. Its story allows for some stellar character moments while balancing humor and fun along the way. In a way, this movie is akin to riding a rollercoaster as it is going to take you on a ride. So just sit back and enjoy it.

This article was originally published in the Feb. 22, 2019 issue.