Presidential ticket: Arianna and Lucía

Lucía Dávila Álvarez, Nominee for ADSG Vice President

Hello! My name is Lucía Dávila Álvarez, and I am running for student body vice president alongside presidential candidate Arianna Antone-Ramirez. Throughout our time here at Augsburg, we have been heavily involved on campus.

My past involvement includes serving as treasurer on the ALAS board, treasurer of WFPC, president of Augsburg Womxn Empowered (AWE), junior class senator and public relations officer for ADSG, and I am currently serving as ASAC president.

Arianna has served as treasurer for AWE, participated in Trio Summer Bridge, worked as a LEAD Fellow and much more. The vast amount of experience we have had on campus has prepared us to serve the student body in the most effective way possible. We have had the opportunity to see what works best for serving students and what could be improved from serving in different student organizations. With a focus on clear and transparent communication across campus, we hope to elevate student voices to their full potential.

Initiatives that we will work on as president and vice president include: having ADSG host town hall meetings, improving the accessibility and visibility of the Student Concerns Committee, advancing Augsburg’s sustainability goal, establishing an ADSG newsletter, creating new methods to ensure transfer and commuter students have a seat at the table, building an efficient and productive relationship between Student Government and student organizations and bridging the gap between athletes and non-athletes.

While this list is extensive, this is not everything we plan to do because at the end of the day, we want to hear what the students want. Student voice is the single most important tool for implementing change on campus, and we want to make sure that all students believe that their voices matter. We hope that you choose us to serve as your student body president and vice president. Let’s move the Auggie community forward together!

This article was originally published in the April 12, 2019 issue. 

Arianna Antone-Ramirez and Lucía Dávila Álvarez (Right to Left) , candidates for ADSG President and Vice President. Photo provided by Lucía Dávila Álvarez.