Our Commitment as Echo Editors

As Augsburg’s student newspaper, we hold it as our mission to elevate student experiences and perspectives. We recognize that the voices of students of color and other marginalized identities have often been overlooked and suppressed from being shared on a campus-wide level. Historically, this paper— our editing staff and contributors— has been predominantly white which is no longer representative of the student body. It takes intentionality and constant outreach to build relationships with the student body. The Echo will make a conscious effort to recruit and serve students of color and to uplift marginalized voices. We want to be transparent in who we are and how you can get in contact with us for the upcoming school year. If at any point there is a student concern about something happening on campus or you want to discuss an article we have published we welcome questions and further conversation. We will do our best to communicate effectively and to honor the message you are trying to share. Our hope is to have difficult conversations and to hold each other accountable for our words and the impact they have. We encourage you to write and submit to the Echo because we want it to be a part of student life and a source that empowers students to share their perspectives.

This article was originally published in the September 20, 2019 issue. 

Photo of The Echo Staff taken by Hibaaq Said.