Bringing Music to Life

Ruti Mejia, Contributor


Below is an interview held between ALAS Historian Ruti Mejia and local music creator Pedro Bayon. Bayon is a music business major at Augsburg University and his familial roots are from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Mejia has taken the time to ask Bayon more about his music and his identity as an individual within the Latinx community.

RM: Does your music solely revolve around your Latnix identity?

PB: Absolutely not. Music speaks beyond my Latinx identity. I understand I am Latinx, but I want to break barriers and use music to express joy and feelings.  I am exploring myself, themes and everything else. I am trying to make myself neutral, I do not want to categorize myself as an artist, I am just making art.

RM: Why is it important to represent who you are?

PB: I want to put more exposure on my craftsmanship. I offer an alternate reality of music, and I believe it is important for everyone to be heard.

RM: What does it mean to be proud of your roots?

PB: Accepting where your roots are and being comfortable with your space and identity. This is who I am and I can never change that. I have to embrace that.

RM: Follow up, how are you connected with your roots?

PB: I work very closely with my community being involved in youth farms, working with kids and teaching them about agricultural building communities.

RM:  What piece of advice do you have for the Latinx community?

PB: Look for the joy of your art more than what people enjoy.  Stay true and be patient.  Number one quality to have as an artist is patience and just have fun!

This article was originally published in the September 27, 2019 issue.