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Exposed Features (Pt 3)

Reyna Lopez-Flores, Contributor


Too easy to show colors

I miss him. His dark caramel vanilla skin. He was my kin.

Too easy to show colors

I draped myself in lavender so you wouldn’t smell my sadness from the break of my spilling pipes and covered myself with a blanket of loneliness.

Too easy to show colors

I apologize for everything I’ve saddened

I mean said.

I didn’t mean to not matter to you anymore and become a burden. You criticize my fault lines and get all kinds of high

Cuddle yourself up with the life you took from me, the happiness you yanked from me.

You a holy piece of shit.

May the Lord roll a blunt with every lie you ever spoke, so he could believe them too.

I remember when I rolled one, your lies wired my brain like some television cords,

I could tell what channel you on by the tone of your voice.

About Reyna:

I am a first year and first generation student. I was introduced to poetry around fourth or fifth grade, and fell in love ever since. I write everyday for personal reflection and as an act of self care. Being raised in an unstable home, I was forced to grow up so a lot of poems are about my past love or experience I had within my family.

Exposed Features is actually the title of the book I want to publish eventually. It was inspired by my journey of mental and physical health.

This article was originally published in the October 4, 2019 issue.