Arts & Culture

Beautiful Yellow Bodies

Kristy Moua, Features Editor 


We place education over everything and I wonder 

how many 

of our Asian American bodies

will feel the aftershocks.


We place education over love and real moments

because of our parents’ suffering

in camps 

traumatized by the violence and lost children

a sibling 

a parent 

a human who was once completely filled with love and created by love but lost

because of warfare or illness.


I wonder how many Asian American bodies 

will one day have everything money could give 

who one day

may have the highest academic accomplishments and awards 

will come home to an empty house 

will come home to no one.


I wonder when and if these beautiful Yellow bodies 

will let go of these expectations created by society, our families, and even from ourselves.

Not entirely

but enough for their spirits to breathe

and live weightless in their beautiful Yellow bodies 




Kristy Moua is a second-year here at Augsburg University. She plans on becoming an English teacher. As a Hmong and Asian-American woman, Kristy is very passionate about her identities and most of her writings revolve around these identities. During Kristy’s free time, she loves hanging out with close ones and listening to music. She is always looking to try something new.