An analysis of The Timberwolves

Dominick Ingram, staff writer

The Timberwolves now enter their 11th game of the season with a 6-4 record after putting the league on watch with their initial 4-0 start. After their 4-0 start to start the season, they were forced to deal with injuries to Jeff Teague and Shabazz Napier, as well as filling the hole that Karl-Anthony Towns created during his 2-game suspension after his scuffle with Joel Embiid. With good minutes from rookie Jarrett Culver, Andrew Wiggins and Josh Okogie over the span of the suspension, they have been able to grind out a 6-4 record. 

There have been several entertaining storylines early on to keep an eye on this season, such as the growth of Wiggins, the emergence of KAT as a perennial MVP candidate and the possibility of trading for D’Angelo Russell this season. It will be exciting to follow these storylines as the year goes on, as they are all positive things that can boost this team into the seventh or eighth seed in the West. After 10 games, we have finally found an identity for this team, and it’s been clear so far- this is KAT’s and Wiggins’ team. Through the eight games KAT has played, he has averaged 25.5 PPG, 12.1 REB and 4 AST as well as around a block and steal per game. KAT has carried over his stellar second half of last season into this one, and he should continue to produce at this elite level barring any injury. Wiggins has turned into a new player this year, finally adding some more assists and rebounds to his game while keeping the same 20+ PPG average. The Timberwolves’ impressive start seems legit now that they have two All-Star candidate caliber players, and their odds to make playoffs should improve if they pull the trigger and trade for Russell adding a third All-Star caliber player to the mix. 

The Wolves will take on the Wizards Friday, hoping to extend their impressive start.