Women’s Resource Center Fall Festival

By: Felicia Philibert

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is a hidden treasure on campus. There are six reasons that you should absolutely swing by Sverdrup’s second floor to check it out: 

Top 6 Reasons to Visit the Women’s Resource Center

  1. To rest up between classes on the couch (certifiably one of the best nap spots on campus).
  2. To learn about safe and healthy sexuality through programming that covers topics such as safer sex, sexual assault and birth control.
  3. To check out some cool artist-made zines whenever you get bored of doing homework.
  4. To get nonjudgmental help finding emergency contraception, free birth control and a full range of pregnancy options off-campus.
  5. To use their microwave and munch on that lunch you brought from home, because let’s be honest, our wallets should probably take a break from eating out.
  6. To access condoms, pregnancy tests, pads and tampons, free and available whenever you need them.


If you have never been to the Women’s Resource Center but want another reason to check it out, the Sabo Scholars program is teaming up with WRC to host a Fall Festival on Thursday, Nov. 21 from 5:00-6:30 pm. We will have games, prizes and free food. There will also be a speaker from Planned Parenthood. Come to Sverdrup 204 and see what you have been missing!