A Letter From The Editor

Jackson Gerber Sports Editor

To the readers of the sports section,

Recently it was brought to my attention that the sports section this year has been a bit bland and boring. As the editor of the sports section, I take this to heart. 

Just over a year ago, I took over as the sports editor of The Echo. When I took over halfway through Fall semester 2018, my goal was simple; provide a balanced, up to date summary of what was happening in Auggie Sports. This is what I had been exposed to when I first started writing for The Echo. I thought it was what had to happen. 

Fast forward to now, it is time to change that goal. I experimented with a “What to Watch For” article at the beginning of the semester to try and get people to attend some of the athletic events and, more recently, a sports opinion column, but I get the sense that neither endeavor has been well received. 

So I am asking for your help. What would YOU like to see in the sports section next semester? Would you like interviews with individual athletes and coaches or other people in the Auggie Athletic department? More detailed looks at specific teams or performances by athletes? I am open to all suggestions to help make the sports section interesting and exciting to read every issue.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, you can have them heard in one of three ways: by attending the Friday meetings next semester to pitch your ideas for the sports section, by emailing either me or the Echo email at or by sliding a piece of paper with your suggestion under the Echo’s office door in the lower level of the Christensen Center.