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Mercy Zou Taithul, Contributor


Life is Complicated;

It can be Amazing,

It can be Hard and Vapid.


Life is Shattering;

It can bring Miracle,

It can bring Sorrow and Death.


Life is our own competency;

Pursue your Dreams,

Or Give up.


Life is Changeable;

For the people with-

Emancipation and Optimism.


Life is Dangerous;

If you Dehumanize-

The Human.


Life is Precious;

If you Appreciate it,

And Futile, if you understand-

The Value.


Lastly, the hardest part of my life is:

Being apart from my family, friends,

And my dearest one @Jim


But I appreciate it,

Because my everyday life is a Blessings

From God.


Mercy Zou is a first-year international student from India. This is her first poem about her experience with homesickness. She wants her poem to encourage fellow international students who are missing home.