Writing Center Tips

Matt Hines, Contributor 

Every week or so, the Augsburg Writing Center will provide writing tips to students and faculty on campus. Each week, a Writing Center tutor will be featured and they will provide the tips for that week. This week, Matthew Hines has some tips to share. Matthew is a second year at Augsburg double-majoring in marketing and management. He is also a member of the Augsburg hockey team. Outside of the hockey season, Matt loves to golf, fish and spend time up at his cabin in Brainerd.

1) Before a student starts writing their paper/essay, it is important for them to write an outline for that paper/essay. It is always better to have an idea about what to write and change it than go into any paper without an idea. This will help to eliminate writer’s block as well as helping the student finish the entire paper faster as well.

2) Before submitting the final draft of the paper, a student should take five minutes and read over the paper one more time. So many students finish their papers and want to turn them in just to get that assignment over with. However, if they read it over one more time, they will notice minor mistakes that they can fix to help improve the paper.