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Sleep Isn’t Silent

By Ezra Bebop, Contributor


I use rain sounds to fall asleep 

Their pretty pitter-patter fills my cavernous cranium 

Drowning out the depression demons and the alcoholic anxieties until

I can munch on sweet hay and rest in a stable mind


Don’t turn up too loud  

Overflowing flow fumbles forth from my mouth  

I choked on a broken plumber’s pipe dreams

and I stopped sleeping soundly 


I can only daydream during dusk, 

Elon musk won’t take me to the moon 

Most of u niggas only see me as a rambling coon

But sleep ain’t silent 


And I’d just like to sleep again, I never wanted to pick up the pen 

I wrote this pretty poem per the request of faulty melatonin 

I’ll bundle up like Glover and hide under my unicorn covers 

I’ll swear I’m gonna sleep tonight 

I’m not gonna lose this futile fight  


I’ll ignore any adverse advice and I’ll close my eyes and I won’t stay woke 

Even if my soul is broke I won’t stay woke  

Even if the cold creeps in 

I won’t renounce my sin

I just want to sleep again 


Someone please just let me sleep again



Artist Bio: 

Ezra Bebop is a third-year creative writing major and visual artist. Born in Georgia and raised in Minneapolis, Ezra seeks to motivate folk to reflect within themselves and empower their own communities through his artistic works. You can find more of his music, poetry, and other visual arts on his Instagram @EzraBebop


Photo of Ezra Bebop, taken by Ezra Bebop