Augsburg’s Campus Resources Expanded During Covid-19 Crisis

Katelyn Storch, Contributor 

Augsburg has expanded its resources and made new accommodations to students in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on students. Take a look at some of the changes made to make this challenging semester go a bit more smoothly:


Because of the decline in student traffic due to the majority of classes now being held online, parking permits are not required for Augsburg’s surface lots and campus-owned street parking. This is subject to change as the semester continues if there is an increase in student traffic. Although underground parking is not included, this new policy will hopefully make on-campus arrival easier for commuter students and be more cost effective for residents.


Currently, the dining options on campus are Einstein’s and The Commons. Despite having less dining options, both dining services are offering a wider variety of items than at the start of the year, including more hot breakfast and lunch items. Neither accept cash as of right now, but both accept Flex Points, meal plans, and credit cards. Students in need of groceries are able to request items for pickup from the Campus Cupboard. The form to request food is available online and offers an option for recurring orders.

Mental Health

The Center for Wellness and Counseling is offering remote appointments via Zoom or phone call to offer students safe and secure counseling services. They have also recently established a 24/7 phone number that connects students to a licensed counselor whenever they need one. The website’s new tab “Coping with COVID” focuses on specific resources to help students who have had their mental health impacted by the pandemic. It includes a list of apps, coping mechanisms, social support and more which can be found at http://www.augsburg.edu/cwc.


The Quad has become the new hot spot for student organizations, activities and speakers to bring students together. This fall, the Augsburg Bold series highlights local voices through a variety of seminars and community engagement events. To stay on top of all the excitement, make sure to regularly check Moodle’s Augsburg Connect page as it lists what’s happening within the week.

Although this semester brings on many differences and difficulties, Augsburg is continuously offering new resources to combat current issues brought on by the pandemic. The Student Services Index is one new helpful tool when it comes to navigating student services digitally. All Augsburg students have access to the Outbreak Planning page within Inside Augsburg as well to stay up to date on current procedures and positive cases during the pandemic. Whether it be accessibility on campus, help with meals or mental health or a fun night with fellow students, Augsburg is doing its part to keep our campus connected.