Nabo Cafeteria Temporarily Closes its Services

Sarah Burke, Staff Writer

Students were heartbroken last week when news broke that Nabo is temporarily closing its services. 

Sophomore Shaquille Young said he used to go to Nabo about three to four times a week. “I’m actually kind of upset that it’s closing because the cafeteria is not always good because it’s campus food,” he said. “So when I wanted something good or just something that was different from what the cafeteria had I would always go to Nabo.” 

News of Nabo’s temporary closure came by way of an email from Augsburg. Sarah Cash-Darvell, the Director of University Events, explained that Augsburg created a committee focusing on how to feed Augsburg students safely during the COVID-19 pandemic back in April. After much discussion, the team decided that the temporary closure of Nabo’s services was the best choice. 

Although Nabo is shut down, Augsburg has now opened up the full menu at Einsteins and has provided more hot foods in the Commons during all meal times.

“The amount of conversations we had is just crazy,” Cash-Darvell explained. “I think we landed on some pretty good operations.” Cash-Darvell said that the university is following safety measures recommended by the Minnesota Department of Health and have chosen this as the safest option for all students. “We want to have it back open,” Cash-Darvell said. “It just didn’t make sense and so instead we took those resources and put them into the Commons and Einsteins.” 

Augsburg will wait for further guidance from health officials before making decisions on reopening Nabo and returning to normal food services.