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KAUG Spotlights BIPOC Artists in Homecoming Contest

Ava Pederson, Contributor

When the members of KAUG radio discovered that the annual homecoming student organization decorating contest was still on, even amidst COVID, they jumped into action. 

For many years now, Augsburg’s student organizations have competed by decorating a section of campus to represent either the university’s mission or the organization’s mission. This year, the contest moved to an online format, and student organizations had the ability to post nine Instagram photos in lieu of an in-person decorated space. 

KAUG decided to represent their student organization’s mission by shining a light on BIPOC artists in the Twin Cities via social media. Members of the KAUG board found artists to interview and promote on their organization’s Instagram page and posted daily throughout Homecoming week. KAUG won the “Most Representative of Student Org” award. This is the first time they have won the contest since the club was reestablished in 2018. 

Ziz Immelman, KAUG President, gave me an in-person statement after the contest. “It was seriously such a fun experience. When we got the idea for a BIPOC artist spotlight week, it was something the whole board was immediately super stoked on doing… We just decided to pick some of our favorite local artists as well as posting an open call online. KAUG’s main mission this year is giving back to BIPOC and queer art communities as much as we can, so it was a really wonderful project to be a part of.”

Artists were not only asked about their journey as an artist but also how their work has been affected by the pandemic and current Black Lives Matter uprisings. For instance, KAUG interviewed musician November Stone who spoke with board members about the current music scene in the cities.