Learn About the 2020 Candidates

Olivia Allery, contributor

Presidential Candidates:

Joe Biden

Former vice president and a member of the Democratic party

Major Issues: Expanding the Affordable Care Act, restoring environmental protections undone by the Trump administration, allowing there to be a national response to COVID-19, upgrading housing for low-income Americans

Donald Trump

Incumbent and a member of the Republican party

Major Issues: Finishing the Southern border wall, fast tracking a vaccine for COVID-19, privatization of schools and cutting spending for public schools, repealing the Affordable Care Act 

Vice Presidential Candidates:

Kamala Harris

Nominee for Joe Biden and member of the Democratic party

Mike Pence

Incumbent vice president under Donald Trump and member of the Republican Party

Along with the presidential and vice presidential candidates, there are also the District 5 Congressional and state Senate candidates up for election and re-election.

District 5 Congressional Candidates:

Ilhan Omar

Incumbent congresswoman and member of the Democratic Party

Major Issues: Supports a new COVID-19 relief package to “cancel rent and mortgage payments and provide cash assistance for families,” supports disbanding the MPD and remaking public safety, focuses on racial disparities and investing in communities that need it most

Lacy Johnson

Minneapolis businessman and member of the Republican Party

Major Issues: Believes in states rights, listening to experts when it comes to COVID-19, stimulating the economy along with helping Americans as COVID-19 relief, and undoing unjust racist policies, does not support the Green New Deal

Senate Candidates

Tina Smith

Incumbent senator and member of the Democratic Party

Major Issues: Supports systemic police reform, environmental stewardship when evaluating pipeline proposals, background checks for people purchasing firearms and banning assault weapons, working on a clean energy bill for climate change

Jason Lewis

Former U.S. representative and member of the Republican Party

Major Issues: Reopening the economy in the face of COVID-19, upholding the Second Amendment, stands with law enforcement, mitigating our current clean energy for climate change

While many Americans have already voted and returned their ballots, there is still time for in-person voting, sending in your ballot, and, in some states, even registering to vote. 

Election Day is on Nov. 3, and Augsburg has officially declared the day a university holiday in order to encourage the community to cast their ballots. Classes have been canceled to make it easier for students and staff to vote. There will be an in-person voting location here on campus, located in the Marshall Room on the first level of the Christensen Center. Minnesota has same-day voter registration, so those voting on campus are able to both register and vote on the same day.