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Artist Spotlight: Kai Avila

Artist Statement

My name is Kai Avila (they/them). I am a freshman here at Augsburg. While still undecided on my major, I have a passion for art. I love being out in nature and capturing its beauty the best I can. You can find me on Instagram @kai_a27 where I post nature pictures, but I look forward to starting a photography account for fun soon!

“Late Night City Walk” – Dark image: Bright streetlight on the right with city lights far off to the horizon.  October 1, 2020

“Squirrel!!!” – Brown squirrel alongside a trash bin opening. Lake in the background.   October 4, 2020

“Falls” – At the bottom of a waterfall. Trees are along the top.   October 9, 2020

“Tree Scope” – Close up picture of a tree trunk with various sized holes.    October 17, 2020

“River Side” – Clear close-up of a log. Blurry logs and leaves drifting in the water in the background.    October 18, 2020