A Guide to Course Registration Survival

Kristy Moua, features editor 

Course registration time is here! It is that time where students have to reflect and create a new schedule for the next semester. As a third year student, I still often struggle in making my semester plans. There’s the balance between making room for fun classes while also making sure to complete the courses you need for your major. Though I may not have all the answers about navigating course registration, I can give tips on how I have survived so far and am still on track to graduate. 

One of the most important tips that was given to me was to have all your classes pulled up as tabs on your device before your time opens on registration day. That way you can simply refresh your tabs and click register right away. It is something that I always do to ensure that I get the classes I need before all the seats are filled up. One time I was able to get the last seat in an introduction to statistics class because it was already pulled up and ready to go on my screen. 

Secondly, get to know your faculty advisors aside from them being your faculty advisor. It can be awkward talking to someone you barely know or see once in a while about your courses and your status academically. I highly encourage you to get to know your advisor, talk about why you choose the major you choose or even ask them for genuine advice about navigating college. Often they will give you words of encouragement or share a new perspective that could help you reflect on your plans. Though not everyone can click with their faculty advisor, you can always request a new one if necessary. 

Third, connect with peers and friends to talk about courses. One of the most important things when creating a new schedule is asking other students about their experiences with certain professors and courses. For example, I often coordinate with my friends on exchanging textbooks so none of us have to pay for the same book in a class we share. This system of networking helps us save money, gives us insight on how professors will teach the classroom, gives us information we need to navigate the possible work load and overall provides a chance to review our decisions by hearing a friend’s perspective. 

In conclusion, there are so many ways you can explore, accomplish and achieve what you want when it comes to signing up for your new classes. Knowing yourself or having a strong sense of what you like and don’t like in regards to courses is valuable. Choose a fun class if you have space, give yourself the chance to have the experience of choosing something that you like doing or even take a class you want to know more about. No matter what you choose to take, make the most of it.