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Artist Spotlight: Pearl Lockwood

Pearl Lockwood

Pearl Lockwood (they/them) is a music education major with a studio art minor. Their artwork explores the relationship between color and blank space with ties to nature. Pearl grew up in Alaska and gets a lot of their inspiration from the nature and landscape that surrounded them while growing up.

Untitled. September 2020, Black mountain with white circle in the middle, positive and negative space within the mountain

The next images are a series that I did over the summer. The title of all of them is Daydreams.

 Daydream 1. April 2020, Pink vines and leaves in bottom, orange and magenta blobs surround with small black lines outlining two larger abstract shapes filled with holes.
Daydream 2. June 2020, Blue and green leaves rising from bottom with yellow and grew blobs floating above and abstract shapes filled w holes overlapping.
Daydream 3. July 2020, Lavender sprouting from bottom, purple ombré section dividing the flowers from abstract blue blobs that have small black lines surrounding them.