NCAA’s Diversity & Inclusion Week

Dominick Ingram, sports editor 

The NCAA drew attention to diversity and inclusion last week through a campaign centered around acknowledging the social injustices faced in college sports and beyond. Schools throughout the country participated in this campaign, encouraging their students to vote and express their voices in many different ways throughout the week. 

The campaign focused on students, encouraging them to post on social media about their stories using the hashtag “#NCAAInclusion” in their posts. Each day of the campaign, students were invited to post ideas about what can be done moving forward to help the cause and show their support for teammates and others.

The hashtag features over 9,000 posts on Instagram from student-athletes all over the country who have decided to share their personal stories. 

One week is not sufficient when it comes to defeating social injustice in our country. However, it is a step in creating awareness among student-athletes. 

Acknowledging that this issue outlives the campaign, the NCAA is encouraging their athletes and coaches to continue the fight against social injustice beyond this week.