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Artist Spotlight: Bella Barrientes

Hi, my name is Bella! I am a first-year student here at Augsburg studying graphic design. I really enjoy digital art, painting and editing photos. My aesthetic is mostly inspired by anime and the color pink. I got into digital art due to the nature of my physical disability as I’ve always struggled with hand-drawn art. Software like Adobe Illustrator and Procreate have opened doors for me and my creative expression. Not only is making art therapeutic, but I also enjoy sharing it with others through my Instagram @rosyartistry. 

Graphic image of a purple eye with purple eyeshadow and white eyeliner.

Graphic image of red lips with lip ring and bubbles.

Graphic image of champagne-colored lips with lipgloss being applied.

Graphic image of the corner of a face, the eye is orange with orange eyeshadow and black diamond details, is crying.

Graphic image of a close-up face, the subject has brown hair with bangs, pink, glittery eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Graphic image of the top half of a face with orange and black butterfly-inspired eye makeup.