Auggie Athletics Braces for Rise in COVID Cases

Greg Miller, staff writer

With a significant number of positive cases coming from Auggie athletes, many teams have experienced reduced attendance at practices or have halted due to potential exposure.

According to a member of the men’s basketball team, coaches have canceled three weeks of practice due to multiple positive tests. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones. Many other Auggie teams have seen missed practice due to potential exposure of the virus. 

This outbreak on campus and the rising rates in the state come at a bad time for winter athletics. The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference directors and presidents are meeting in the coming weeks to determine if and how athletics can return to safe competition. If competition does resume after the new year it will definitely look different from past years as St. Olaf and Carleton have already decided to cancel their winter athletics programs. 

As the holiday season rolls around, it is becoming increasingly more important for athletes to make smart decisions, especially if competition is to resume. The potential risk of exposure can easily derail a team’s entire season, so please stay safe Auggies.