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Artist Spotlight: Calvin Denson Lehman

Calvin Denson Lehman, senior, holding flowers.

Hey everybody, I’m Calvin! I am a senior here at Augsburg graduating this December. I am something of a hobby artist although, I have been drawing since I was a kid. I can often be found drawing during class and my sketchbook comes with me everywhere. Recently, I also have started making digital art on Krita. I’m grateful to be able to share it with you!

Digital drawing of a girl in pigtails wearing a pink dress with a pair of safety goggles on her head and a tool belt around her waist.
Digitized sketch of a lovestruck girl with messy blue hair in a small ponytail, her face and shoulders are painted with freckles.
Digital drawing of a pale, long-haired boy who wears a choker with a heart ring to hide the scar on his neck and red eyeshadow and lipstick.
Digital drawing of a cyclops smiling at the viewer, her shirt and lips are a soft pink, as is the background and there is a circle of light behind her head, like a halo.
Digital drawing of a woman wearing glasses, a headscarf and a white plague mask with the phrase “hoes mad” written four times in the background.