Cristian Mejia Montiel, features editor
The lonely night gives me time to talk to my heart
If only she knew, she was my entire world
Now she chooses to close the book
running around the park
reading the pages of our fake love
wondering how it all burned

She thinks that everything left and burned
But little does she know she has my heart
I’m ready to open up with all my love
Even if I am lost in the world
Walking alongside the dark and depressed park
this is not the final chapter of our book

It’s getting dusty that darn book
But you seem to think all has burned
So you continuously think about the mistakes we made walking through the park
And I must admit that I am strong, but these volcanic needles are attacking my heart
silently partying with your friends and crushing my world
sure go ahead and stab my crooked love

only you love
Scribble on the book
you tell me that you don’t want me in your world.
But darling I am burned
I should have learned to protect my heart
As you constantly keep searching for unknown answers in the park

And she says that she finds peace in the park
Knowing that I can give her my love
Although I made horrible decisions that hurt your heart
Don't let that stop us from finishing our book
So it doesn’t turn to ash and becomes burned
Because darling although we fight, you are still my world

I can take you around the world
but you rather sit in a bench at your favorite park
The book slowly burned
you just love stepping over our love
Fire roaring through the book
I walk upon with an ice cold heart

Nothing else got burned, but I do hate your wicked love
It is the end of the world, but how can you sit in a park 
And not realize that you are my book and it belongs in my heart