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Augsburg Student Drey dk Debuts New Music

Trin Whitesel, staff writer

What happens when you mix together a tiny microphone, GarageBand and powerful vocals? You get indie rock artist Drey dk’s debut EP, “peace of mind.” 

Drey dk studies music business and film and creates their own music outside of class. Released on Jan. 1, Drey dk’s EP was influenced by love, loss, political outrage and self-awareness. 

“Really getting to know yourself and to just feel your emotions, no matter how difficult or hard they may be, and being able to express them” was a big part of the process, Drey dk said in a statement to The Echo.

They used the creation of “peace of mind” as a tool to get in touch with who they are and provide space for self-expression. They hope that listeners find that same kind of space through the music: a platform for getting rooted in oneself and recognizing what makes them a person- faults and all. 

Drey dk recognizes that this past year has been hard for themselves and others. This is reflected within the EP with songs that express lingering questions of existentialism: What is the meaning? Does it matter? Is anyone even listening? These existential inquiries are tied with Drey dk’s “sorry – intro” and “sorry – reprise” that apologize to the listener. These tracks are simple and don’t have much verbiage, but the listener is consoled with a thumb piano and wavy electric guitar. 

Throughout the EP, songs such as “sense of self(ish)” are comprised of bits and pieces from collections of their past work. Other songs, featuring powerful guitar riffs, were created after the end of a long-term relationship that left them with a broken heart. The song “do u” was written after the last interaction they had with an ex. That was when Drey dk picked up an old, out of tune acoustic guitar and began playing, soon realizing that they had stumbled upon their next project. 

When asked about where they got the idea for “peace of mind,” they told The Echo, “Everything has been really weird, like all of the time. And through all of it, I have come to peace with my decisions and was just excited to release what I had created.”

Their work on their EP was influenced by the exhausting motions of daily life with school, work and relationship maintenance. With COVID-19 and the George Floyd riots, Drey dk busied themselves with political activism and community support. While this took time and energy away from their project, it gave them the time they needed to self-reflect and remind themselves that they were okay and stable. This EP exemplifies the vulnerability of that realization and encourages others to not only accept that feeling, but know it is healthy to express it. 

Drey dk’s music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Merch, CDs, tapes and other items by Drey dk can be expected to release on Jan. 29 on Bandcamp, as well as their first official music video for “Pity Party.”

Spotify / Apple Music / iTunes links can be found here: dk/peace-of-mind

Bandcamp: https://Drey

SoundCloud: dk