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Artist Spotlight: B. Andrew Kelly

Photo of Andrew, taken by author

My name is B. Andrew Kelly and I am a 24-year-old senior, originally from Philadelphia, PA. I am a psychology major aspiring to become a counselor for adolescents who struggle with addiction and other mental health and behavioral issues. In my spare time I am a writer. I also like to hike, drink copious amounts of coffee, read manga and collect records. I hope you all enjoy my work. You can find more of my poetry on my website at I hope everyone reading is having a wonderful day.

To Prime a Generation

1959, Rio Bravo. 
Spittoons, saloons,
saddle up and ride into town. Blow some
dynamite and get the girl. 
A happy ending for all.

1975, Jaws.
A bloodthirsty beast, a money hungry
man in a tacky anchor patterned suit
Who is the real enemy? I guess all
that matters is the heroes swim to shore.

1981, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Indie is a whip thrashing, wise cracking
archaeologist wet dream. He punches
Nazis. Clear cut, no ifs or buts.
Goosestepping bad, no Ubermensch today bucko.

1993, The Super Mario Bros Movie.
Dennis Hopper plays King Koopa, who
lives in a tower, has a ridiculous haircut,
displays predatory behavior towards women.
A clear cut antagonist. I am sure that
this isn’t based off of anyone in particular.

1991-1994, Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs.
Earl is a working man making ends meet,
working for B.P. Richfield CEO of “WeSaySo”
under Richfield’s behest Earl poisons all
plant life, and brings extinction to his species.
Weird, B.P. likes to say “You’re fired” and
hates regulation on corporations.
I'm sure this isn’t about someone in particular.

2012. The movie and the year.
The world is ending. It's a cinematic shitshow.
Water levels rising, wildfires and earthquakes
If only this could have been prevented somehow.

2015. Mockingjay Part 2.
Dystopian films are all the rage these days,
Old white man named Snow bad, his rival
President Coin is less bad. But she still
likes the Hunger Games. She dislikes the
young revolutionary that wants real change.

We have been primed from a young age
to desire change, but to also relish in
the fetishization of the world ending.
Too late for anything to change until the
damage is done. Well with things the way they are,
can we even do anything?
Yes, our lives are not movies.
Tear apart the script and take action.